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HTC Desire 1.23 New root method

After upgrading to 1.23 Stock ROM, I’ve accidentally forgot that
I cannot root with ROM above 1.21.

Well, finally there’s a solution for this:

With Unrevoked I could’t easily get into recovery mode and gain access to the system files. Sweet!


My app doesn’t work on EVO :(

I’ve received many 1 stared comments at the Android Market from users with HTC EVO.
I have no idea why it didn’t work for them, I couldn’t see any crash logs at the Market developer panel, so I’m clueless about the crash reason.
Unlike iPhone development, Android development is much more harder since I have to test it on many devices. I don’t have an Evo, nor can I buy one. I will appreciate if some of the EVO users can provide me with logs or detailed information about the crashes.
There is know way I can simulate the error, and I wan’t to support if not all, at least the major devices.

The only difference between the desire and EVO is the screen number of colors and the camera, so it’s probably something there.