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Photaf – v0.9.3 – Stable

This version includes lots of work I’ve to stable the app.
I’ve fixed some critical memory leaks and a bunch of deadly bugs.
So the app should be more stable and responsive now. If this is not the case,
send me your feedback, preferred with the crash logs.

Now the it should be more stable I can concentrate on some of the next features:

  • Manual panning mode by touching the screen
  • Barrel distortion correction
  • Equalize pictures brightness
  • Automatic stitching
  • Automatic picture taking

And finally, here are some screen shots of this version for your enjoyment:

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Force Closes app – More an experiment than a real App

This is probably the most stupidest and useless app on the market,
All it does is to crash.
It has a TextView tile, an ImageViewButton for it to crash and an AdMob ad to make me some cash…

It’s still new, but it will be funny if people will actually download it and use it…
Later I will post some of its ad an market stats.

Hopping for it to go beyond the 250,000 downloads 🙂

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Photaf – v0.8.6

What’s new in Photaf – v0.8.6:

  • Added a sample panorama – use the menu and load to open it
  • Improved speed
  • Support more devices
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Photaf – v0.8.2

What’s new in Photaf  v0.8.2:

  • Fixed texture “bleeding” problem
  • Remove unsupported flash modes
  • Fix some dialog related crashes
  • Improved rendering speed
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Opengl ES – Texture Atlas

In order to improve my app’s OpenGL rendering performance,
I’ve decide to replace my texturing code.

My app is using 8 256X256 textures, each one of them is binded and drawn to a square like shape.
This means I was making 8 BindTexture calls. This has a large impact on performance and here comes the usage of a term called Texture Atlas.

Texture Atlas is a one big texture that holds up all of the app textures instead of using several textures.

This means I can minimize the BindTexture into a one call, thus improving performance.

Each time I supply different texture coordinates for the specific texture I need to use.

I still have more optimizations to perform, like figuring out how to speed up my dynamic camera preview texture.

But the texture atlas is a good start, and show satisfying results.

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HTC Desire 1.23 New root method

After upgrading to 1.23 Stock ROM, I’ve accidentally forgot that
I cannot root with ROM above 1.21.

Well, finally there’s a solution for this:

With Unrevoked I could’t easily get into recovery mode and gain access to the system files. Sweet!

Photaf – v0.7.5

Another new version released, it has two fixes:
1. An annoying bug that caused not receiving key events now fixed!
2. Change rendering method, instead of using square texture I’m now using sphere part.

Next phase will be taking a complete sphere, 360 degrees up\down and left\right, a true and full view panorama, so stay tuned 🙂

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